Parts protection: how to avoid visual and functional damage.

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The advantages of technical textiles.

Whether it happens during manufacturing or during transportation, product damage can have a serious impact on your profits. Our textile-based packaging systems guarantee optimal parts protection. They take the products 'hanging' or 'resting' through the logistics chain. Consequently, they provide exceptionally good protection for components that are delicate (e.g. painted surfaces, leather surfaces, …) and avoid any visual or functional damage.
As a result, the number of rejects are limited. Manufacturers who use our solutions, will not only boost customer (internal or external) satisfaction, but also cut costs significantly.

Component protection: how

The soft but strong, protective textile layer easily adjusts to the shape of a component. It closely follows its contours and creates a second skin.
As a reusable type of packaging, our solutions withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments and weather and last for several years, while keeping components safe from damage and dust.
Our customized long-lasting smart packaging solutions are based on your unique supply chain circumstances.

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