Save precious handling time

In Material Handling

Your scratch-sensitive parts don’t need extra packing for transportation. Thanks to conTeyor textile reusable packaging, the operator just has to slip the parts in and out of the textile pockets. Immediately ready for handling and transport. There is no need to unpack the parts.

conTeyor, fact-based problem solving

Forklift handling, truck sizes, weatherproof storage, humidity, space limitations around the assembly station, different part sizes … all these considerations are incorporated in conTeyor’s customized developments.

Our handling units, the external part of our packaging systems, combined with suspended textile pockets are designed to support and withstand your logistics situation. That is why, for example, the replacement of the bottom inserts in JIT racks is an important feature.

On top of their durability, our packaging solutions are customized to fit your supply chain in the leanest way.

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