Lean Manufacturing

Efficiency: visible and invisible improvements – remarkable ROI

By opting for a reusable textile conTeyor packaging solution your entire supply chain management and logistics benefit from this on different levels:


- Component protection: a very low reject rate, through excellent protection of scratch-sensitive components.

- Material handling and ergonomics: your packaging is modeled to meet the requirements of your processes. There is an optimal use of the space available at the assembly line. Your packaging is adjusted to facilitate the operator’s comfort, safety and productivity. Our solutions offer easy access to parts. The operator can fit a component, and immediately pick up the next component without having to stop to remove any packaging material.

- Logistics: a high(er) load factor, achieved by our flexible packaging solutions allowing a higher packing density. Fewer transport journeys, organized in a loop system.

- Lean: is your packaging smart, i.c. does it not slow down productivity or efficiency with non-value adding practices (‘waste’)?

- Green packaging: reusable and recyclable. In combination with less transport and having no more waste streams, reducing your carbon footprint (less CO2).

Working Lean:
Optimized efficiency and an attractive return on investment make our solutions profitable for the duration of the product life cycle.