Reusable packaging

You are looking for a packaging solution. Not just packaging.
The use of conTeyor packaging solutions eliminates the need for expendable, single-use packaging materials such as plastic bags, cardboard and foam. This means you no longer need to purchase, receive, erect, fold down again and throw away these materials, day after day.

For example:

cardboard and foam

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The re-usable conTeyor packaging solutions are not only a one-time investment, they are the solution favored by most line-side operators because of their ease of use and flexible characteristics. The soft nature of textile makes this a very forgiving material in stark contrast to rigid materials such as cardboard. This allows light loading and unloading without the need to remove any expendable packaging materials.

Moreover, our solutions can be re-used at the end of a product's lifecycle. If a certain product no longer needs to be packaged, the system can easily be used to package another product. On top of that, the textile dunnage can be replaced easily if needed.