Returnable Packaging

Smart packaging to raise efficiency and profit

Packaging: for handling and storage during transportation

In today's rapidly evolving world, conTeyor is the packaging partner of choice for companies seeking to distinguish themselves from the competition with green, cost-efficient and highly protective packaging. In making the right choices, packaging adds value to your supply chain process and brings significant cost savings.

conTeyor returnable packaging: HOCUS in Box. No tools or assembly needed to fit a standard box.

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Textile returnable packaging: choose SMART

In order for a component to be safely transported for assembly, it needs to be protected. Should you opt for one-way or re-usable packaging? With recurrent transport journeys, re-usable packaging is often the best choice.

conTeyor packaging solutions: smart in many ways

conTeyor develops solutions for the material handling of scratch-sensitive components. This solution consists of a soft interior which is a set of textile pockets. This technical textile, the so-called ‘dunnage’ is mounted in a strong exterior handling unit. This is a modular rack or container in metal, plastic or wood. It will fit into trucks without wasting space. It can be folded to save on return transport or used inside the customer's factory to support in-plant logistics.