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Interesting features:

  • The Fitbox is designed that 3 components can be transported as one set in one box. The sensitive surfaces are the reason for the textile covered foam blocks and to limit the risk of movement.
  • Foam comb or foam tray fixation options
  • XPE crosslinked PE, closed cell foam, anthracite color 
  • density range from 35 to 100 kg/m3 available
  • Self-adhesive & screw secured connection
  • In house design & production
  • Multi-layer possibility
  • Suitable for all HU and combinations with textile and plastic inserts 
  • LDPE foams available for less demanding applications

“This project is unique in its kind since we designed it in the way that all 3 components could be transported in 1 box, plus it’s a textile and foam solution which makes sure it’s extra secured and no risk of damages”

Erik Kunze