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One of our customers has a long distance logistic loop to transport door panels from Slovakia to Poland.

Our idea was to provide a foldable solution with an external size which fits perfectly to the Megatrailer instead of a non-foldable concept and an existing old project. This project was possible because of our House of Competences with the combination of a textile solution (conTeyor Partition System) and a foldable metal container.

This solution provides protection to the component with a multiple fold cycles possibility (fold factor 3/10) to save on the cost of transport and decrease the CO2 emission. Our Global Team made this happen.

“With this project we were able to reduce the total cost of ownership. We not only found the best protection for the component but we also reduced the transport cost and our sustainable footprint. This makes me very happy for the customer and very proud.”

Przemysław Bortlik, Customer Solutions Manager Poland