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DSV, located in Tholen, the Netherlands, chose to integrate Storeganizer in their multi-client warehouse for storage & picking of small electronic components. The main trigger to implement Storeganizer was to optimize the space usage and further improve productivity in the picking process.

After thorough analyses done by Logistics Engineer Felix Thijssen, the Storeganizer solution resulted in numerous benefits which pointed out a strong improvement of warehouse space utilization of 50% for the particular customer, better allocation of human resources and a 30% elevation of picking efficiency.

Easy integration on structural and systems level

The installation of 19 medium size (450 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm) Storeganizer bays was performed in just a few days in May 2021, since no infrastructural works were required to make the complete transition to Storeganizer. The Storeganizer solution is simply hanging over any conventional rack beam at ground level making the install smooth and easy. Transferring all products to the Storeganizer pocket locations took a minimum of time and effort with no impact whatsoever on the DSV WMS system and existing operations.

High density space saving leads to operational improvements

As Storeganizer densifies the storage of smaller SKU’s tremendously, a saving of 50% on warehouse space in m² was achieved in comparison with the previous storage situation. No less than 712m² was liberated to be used to accommodate new clients in the Tholen facility. Before the Storeganizer transition the picking ratio was 30% from high bay locations and 70% on a mezzanine floor. By consolidating all goods in one single aisle on ground level, DSV is able to perform 100% of their picking activity without using any reach trucks. Additionally, the consolidation of orders is no longer needed which has a significant positive impact on productivity.
In each pallet rack 3 rows of Storeganizer Medium pocket size are installed with a Front Stop option, creating 126 pockets per rack.
In total 19 pallet racks are equiped with Storeganizer resulting in a space saving of 712 m², allowing 100% picking on ground level locations.

Superfast return of investment

Given the beneficial outcome on both the space usage and the operational advantages coming from this space saving, the return on investment of Storeganizer landed on less than 6 months. This theoretical ROI ratio was projected in the pre-integration phase and was confirmed by real life factual evaluation a few weeks after actual usage of the Storeganizer system in the DSV warehouse in Tholen.

Facts & Figures

  • 50% space saving
  • 100% picks from ground locations
  • 30% picking efficiency increase

"Storeganizer enabled us to realize a space saving of 50%, moreover we observed picking efficiency rising with 30% from the first weeks on", 

"The Storeganizer integration resulted in an amazing return on investment of less than 6 months"

Felix Thijssen, Logistics Engineer, DSV Solutions Nederland B.V.