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Merely complying to the current packaging standards is not enough for conTeyor. It is our mission to anticipate the logistic challenges of tomorrow. This because we are convinced it leads to solutions which improve quality, tackle waste and other environmental issues while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Innovation is embedded in our DNA

Not only in the DNA of the R&D team. It is also part of our sales and customer service team, the logistics team as well as the accounting team and amongst the shop colleagues. As it is an integral part of our company culture, we have a critical and inspired set of eyes and ears focused on improving and innovating products and services fit for your future needs.

Our house of competences and strong team work makes us really unique. The output is a functional solution in very short time and I’m proud to be part of it!

Tomas Cerny
Sales Manager Eastern Europe

"At conTeyor innovation is embedded in our DNA. We have a real commitment to invest 3% of our yearly turnover in innovation."

Bart Vermeulen

Our international multidisciplinary innovation team is continuously looking into new materials, tools and technologies. Technical skills, thinking big, a lively imagination and an unbiased mindset are the key ingredients for our successful innovation projects at your benefit.



Sleeve test

innovative protection for extra delicate components

For some delicate parts even existing high quality fabrics don’t always offer the required protection. Together with customers and suppliers our innovation team improved existing textiles for increased softness, flexibility, strength and breathability. One of our classics: ‘Royal Fabric’ is extremely soft to the touch, avoiding any visual damage, even of the most sensitive black painted parts. It shapes like a protective second skin and will last through the lifetime of your project due to its strength. We recently developed a new textile ‘NexTTex’; Thé next generation textile which is recycled and recyclable, as strong as PVC coated scrim, PVC free and 50% lighter. 1 conTeyor solution contains 50 recycled bottles and the textile is a 4-layer light weight construction and up to 200x thinner than human hair which offers premium part protection. NexTTex meets the criteria of the EcoCheck label.

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professional 3D visualisation shortening the process flow

With Nestimator, conTeyor invested in the development of a unique IT tool. It allows us to present a 3D visualisation of your solution even before our designers are involved. This way, the overall process is shortened significantly and costs savings can be obtained.



Sleeve test

What happens when we test a standard sleeve and a reinforced one when driving through it with a forklift?

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