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What is the conTeyor Tower System?

  • Manual system using counter-weight technology to raise and lower partition bags for racks 118 inches / 3-meters tall to be used between sites and optimize cube utilization in transport trailers, gain storage upward and reducing floor space
  • Possible: Electric system using small motors to raise and lower partition bags in rack heights of 196 inches / 5 meters designed for in-house use, non-transport


One of conTeyor’s strongest innovations of the last few years is the Tower System

“Proven 100% to 150% increase in storage rack density”

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An ultimate solution

The conTeyor Tower System has been successful both in North America as in Europe and it has often brought thé ultimate solution for many customers. Economically & ergonomically this system beats many others and is proof of conTeyor’s quality to go for the best possible solution on all levels (literally).

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  • Easy movement up and down
  • Ergonomically highly optimized
  • A huge space saver (2-3 racks in one)
  • Can be developed for most any part or assembly
  • More efficient – less movement of racks
  • Increased safety – no need for stacking or down-stacking
  • Higher QPC per HU–optimal cube utilization for transport
  • No lift required for transport or line side
  • 100% to 150% increase in rack storage density

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