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Ecopack KIT: A new generation of returnable modular storage

The Ecopack KIT is the new revolutionary ‚ÄúFoldable Large Container‚ÄĚ optimized for single unit return. Advantages are unique safety, versatility, ergonomics and ease of use combined with the quality and durability of the Ecopack Classic. The Ecopack KIT inner height is adjustable, allowing for optimized space efficiency on returns.

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New improved features

Many items have been improved to increase the quality of the Ecopack KIT and some features are even new to the product. Innovation is a constant development and we continue to strive to engineering excellence and quality for this unique product.

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Improved inner dimensions

Full water and dust protection

Lightweight and easy to handle

Lid clamping system

Ecopack KIT return unit

Rounded sleeve edges as standard

Improved inner dimensions

In the new Ecopack KIT the inner dimensions have been improved. The dimensions have been optimized and by adapting the structure of the KIT we lose less space inside and we grow the total volume.

Full water and dust protection

When the Ecopack KIT is closed it is full water and dust proof. This is an improvement compared to the Ecopack Classic which does not have this feature.

Lightweight and easy to handle

The new Ecopack KIT has a lightweight lid with textile belt handles. This way it is easy to handle and to move.

..Lid clamping system

The Ecopack KIT consists of a clamping system on the lid that is ergonomically optimized. No need to bend or to handle it in weird positions. It closes with an innovative clamping system...

Ecopack KIT return unit

By closing the Ecopack KIT the pallet, sleeve and lid become a sizable return unit.

Rounded sleeve edges as standard

Rounded sleeve edges are developed as a standard for the Ecopack KIT. Less damage and more convenience is guaranteed.


KIT versus Classic


The first generation ecopacks we developed was the Ecopack Classic. This product has now been developed further into the Ecopack KIT. The differences between the two ecopacks are numerous. Apart from the water and dust proof and the improved rounded sleeve edges in the Ecopack KIT the in- and external dimensions have been optimized. This increases the volume and brings storage value to our customers. The Ecopack product range gives a complete overview of the two products.

Loading example

Ecopack KIT Europe


Transport to destination (EU mega trailer): 78 full

Return shipping (EU mega trailer): maximum 312 folded KITs. Return ratio = 1:4


Ecopack KIT North America


Transport to destination (53" trailer): 84 full

Return shipping (53" trailer): maximum 308 folded KITs. Return ratio = 1:3.6

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