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Cost of Face Mask – Total Cost of Ownership

One of the most important critiques to solutions that come with ecological benefits is that these often come with additional costs. For the conTeyor high performance face masks, the opposite is true. Some of our masks can be reused up to 50 times. Total cost of ownership is key to us. As from 5 washing cycles financial gains are possible versus the disposable surgical mask alternative. For cost conscious healthcare providers that do not wish to give up on face mask performance conTeyor’s reusable face masks are always a considerable alternative.

Ecological Footprint – A Concious Choice

Considering a country like Belgium with 103 hospitals, with a total of a 132 000 employees that require personal protection and face masks, the total footprint of hospitals in terms of disposable masks may be over 264 000 masks per day. On a yearly basis these hospitals require over 52 000 000 disposable face masks. This accounts for over 200 tons of waste. Moreover this number does not even account for masks required by patients, visitors. It also only considers the need for masks in hospitals and not for elderly care centers or home care. conTeyor is on a mission to provide an alternative that will decimate the waste for hospitals related to disposable masks without giving up on performance or cost. After all sustainability is in our DNA.

Waste Management

Used surgical masks are not considered to be general waste, these are considered to be high risk waste which comes with a substantial difference in terms of cost per ton of waste. With the conTeyor face masks hospitals, elderly care centers, employers, home care providers are providing a high performance alternative that positively influences the need for high risk medical waste management.

External Dependency

If there is one thing that the COVID 19 healthcare crisis has demonstrated, it is that healthcare providers do not wish to depend on a manufacturer in China that cannot guarantee that: masks will come with the desired performance or quality, that available masks can be shipped to Belgium on time and that your healthcare organization will be a priority. Instead healthcare providers wish to be self-sufficient and ensure a stable supply chain of face mask and surgical masks. conTeyor masks require a lower frequency of replenishment than surgical masks and can be produced within the country in need.

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