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With Storeganizer, H.Essers found the perfect solution for organising and stacking their warehoused goods. By making storage more compact, Storeganizer frees up space and this space is then also used more efficiently.

The challenge

  • Reduce wasted space
  • Improve order picking
  • Create a tidier look

The solution

  • Hanging Storeganizers from the beams of the racking, making it easy for order pickers to reach the products
  • Uniform packaging
  • More compact storage thanks to the smart Storeganizer system

The advantages

  • Extra pallet space
  • Ergonomic
  • Orderly and hygienic
  • No need for staff to learn a complicated new system
  • Faster, more efficient, more practical

The problem

One of the products H.Essers stores, handles and transports is gloves, medical and non-medical, often in a wide variety of types and sizes. In the traditional racking system, a lot of space is left unused and boxes of different sizes are placed next to each other on ‘one-size-fits-all’ racks.
And the job of the order pickers wasn’t made any easier either: they were continuously opening and closing the stacked boxes.

The perfect solution

The Storeganizer storage system not only helps save time, it also makes everything look tidier and better organised. The Storeganizers, which hang from the beams of the racking, bring the gloves within easy reach.

Now, when customers come to visit, they see a well-organised warehouse where their products get the right handling, from storage to order picking and transport.

Compact and ergonomic translates to satisfaction

The products arriving at H.Essers are removed from their boxes and sorted directly into the Storeganizer system. The implementation of the new system has not demanded a major change in the way the employees work: the way of stacking has perhaps changed, but the new system has made their work easier, more practical, faster and more ergonomic.

Happy customers and future potential

Thanks to the increased stock density, better use of resources and the extra 2000 pallet spaces created, this H.Essers site is now a more efficient workplace. H.Essers is fully convinced of the advantages of the new storage system and already has plans to expand its collaboration with Storeganizer. H.Essers has, for example, already placed an order for a Storeganizer system to be installed for the same customer at a new build warehouse. For other H.Essers locations too, where other products are being stored, waiting to be shipped to the customers, there are plans to make optimal use of the Storeganizer solution.


H.Essers was closely involved in the implementation of the system, providing the necessary feedback. The company is very happy with this unique system and how Storeganizer implemented this for the company. This fresh approach to storing and order picking is appreciated at all levels for its simplicity, practicality and fitness to purpose.

"I had no clue that such an efficient system to create supplementary stock room existed, offering a fitting degree of flexibility as well."