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ConTeyor built 25 years of experience in the sustainable application of different fabrics such as textile, plastics and metal. Our engineers aim to establish a world that combines maximum performance with zero waste at a cost favourable position. We are active in multiple areas such as medical, automotive and packaging. Discover our sustainable protection solutions here.

In order to offer your customers, employees and visitors safety in your public space we can offer you a sustainable solution: our reusable face masks and visors.  

Due to several governments' decisions worldwide to require face masks in certain public areas, the use of masks has increased exponentially. That is why reusable face masks are a sustainable solution. For society in general, but for your customers, employees and visitors in particular.

Product sheets:

  1. Face Masks EU
  2. Face Masks Americas
  3. Visors EU
  4. Visors Americas

If you would like to receive a quotation to order face masks immediately from our stock, please click on 'Contact us' below and get in touch with the person responsible for your area.