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One of conTeyor’s strongest innovations of the last few years is the Modular Rack. This solution is proof of conTeyor’s ability to design with a sustainable purpose, economically and ecologically.

Modular Rack Concept

We have envisioned a new packaging concept. Standardizing your returnable packaging racks and lowering your costs. A new concept based on our Modular Rack, designed to re-turn, re-use, re-duce, re-pair and re-cycle. To serve you even better!

We present to you our Closed Loop Modular Rack Concept, where we use the same rack over the lifetime of various car models, with interchangeable textile dunnage. New car models mean new components, all with different forms and shapes, all to be packed with the same rack. Resulting in 40% less racks and 35% investment reduction. Balancing between production volume and packaging need over the life-cycle of each car launch. Ramping up at the start, and winding down after its peak by re-using the obsolete racks. Perfect timing, perfect usage.

Good for your supply chain, your Capex budget and great for the environment!

Saving up to 60% CO2. Let us make the world a better place; count on ConTeyor.

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Strong innovations: Product information 

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What is the purpose of the Modular Rack?

Our aim with the 5Rs Principle is to increase sustainability while protecting the bottom line. The Modular Rack enhances the sustainability of our customers’ supply chains, both upstream and downstream, while maintaining or even reducing their cost base. This makes the Modular Rack extra-ordinary in its kind and a great innovation in the packaging industry.

Key values of the Modular Rack

The modularity of our rack is significant for extending product life cycle and circular design strategy. The Modular Rack is designed as a modular system with the possibility to re-turn, re-use, re-duce, re-pair and re-cycle the rack and its materials. This is based on conTeyor’s 5R’s Principle:

  • Re-turn : conTeyor returnable systems
  • Re-use : End of life circular flow : long term strategy
    • Easy switch from one system to another, ex CPS to CSS, performed by anyone
    • Easy switch from one matric to another matrix, performed by anyone
    • Easy switch from one side entry to other side entry, performed by anyone
  • Re-duce : Lead time, cost, waste, mistakes 
  • Re-pair : Easy assembly and disassembly for reparation
  • Re-cycle : End of life easy disassembly to recycle

Product video


Main features of the Modular Rack are:

  • Simple adaptable system
  • Customed loading size
  • Modular welding free side & top suspension
  • Uniform independent fixation system
  • Dividers in RPET / Recycled PET


Product details

Modular welding

Easy assembly


Easy fixation system

Modular welding

  • Side suspension
  • Top suspension
  • Customized loading side

Easy assembly

  • The Modular Rack is designed for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Making use of standard tooling
  • Amongst others the multi-bags are easily assembled and disassembled.


  • The dividers are created from recycled material: in RPET; which is recycled PET.

Easy fixation system

  • Uniform & independent multi-bag system
  • No adhesive Velcro connection needed


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