Plastic containers

Durable and sustainable custom made plastic containers

Our range of large - Ecopack - and small - Ecobox - customizable plastic containers - potentially recycled and recyclable - are built to your specifications. They can be conveniently folded for return transport, and contribute to minimizing your carbon footprint and lowering transportation costs.

Plastic containers

Why choose our plastic containers?

An Ecopack KIT completely folded

Optimized space

Our plastic containers can be folded to save space when they’re not in use. While transporting we optimize space and increase efficiency.

Ecopack KIT with an open load door on the front


Their limited weight makes them easier and more ergonomic to handle. As a result it reduces your carbon footprint and lowers transportation costs.

A close-up of the lid of a black Ecopack Classic


Built from sustainable materials, our plastic containers are a perfect alternative to traditional packaging solutions.

A black Ecopack Classic folded halfway

Range of dimensions

Available in a wide range of dimensions, including both US and EU standard sizes.

Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile


Customize your plastic container with custom dunnage inserts to fit your needs.

A close-up of handles on a black Ecopack Classic


Our plastic containers are custom made and different accessories can be added. Such as for example textile belt handles, slides locks or customer print.

Plastic containers

Discover our plastic containers

Discover our range of standard large plastic containers (Ecopacks), and small plastic containers (Ecoboxes).

Ecopack KIT with an open lid and a person walking behind it

Customizable Ecopack - large

Large plastic containers built to your specifications. A lightweight, yet durable alternative for steel racks or single use cardboard boxes.
A blue conTeyor Ecobox with black details

Customizable Ecobox - small

Small plastic containers built to measure. Low weight handheld boxes in almost any dimension without high tooling cost in a matter of weeks.

Plastic containers

Customize your plastic container to fit your needs

Our range of large - Ecopack - and small - Ecobox - customizable plastic containers are customizable and can be built to your exact specifications.

A collage of four types of custom dunnage inserts

Custom dunnage inserts

Optimal nesting and protection of your items. Custom-made dunnage for every packaging need.

Plastic containers

Choose you plastic containers

A gray Ecopack Classic with a black lid that is standing next to it

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Ecopacks are designed to be flexible logistic carriers. They integrate naturally with your preferred transportation method.

Choose from a range of sizes and adjustable heights available in our Ecopack series which can be tailored with different custom dunnage inserts, such as textile, foam, vacuum formed trays or PP Dividers.

Discover our plastic containers

conTeyor's 5R-principle on a wall mounted plaque against a green wall

Sustainable logistics

Contribute to environmental conservation and protect our planet by choosing reusable and returnable packaging. Make a positive impact on your supply chain:

  • reduce your carbon footprint

  • optimize transportation costs

Our sustainable contribution

Interested in our large plastic containers?

Get in touch to discuss your challenges with an expert. Or have one of our CSMs analyse your packaging needs and determine the potential reduction in carbon footprint.