Responsible packaging & storage with respect for the environment

Committed to contributing to a packaging-free future, conTeyor is pushing packaging in a more sustainable direction with responsible, returnable and reusable packaging and smarter storage systems with more respect for the environment.

Here’s how we contribute to sustainability

Let’s make the world a better place

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We contribute to a better world

It is our conviction that we contribute to a better world and that we drive a responsible and proactive approach to environmental responsibility.

We are at the top of the sustainability pyramid, symbolizing our commitment to leading the way in returnable and responsible packaging & storage systems.

Our mission revolves around safeguarding the planet, acknowledging the harmonious relationship between purpose and sustainability. It is ingrained in our very essence, of which the reason for starting our company by our founding father, Jos van Bree is proof. This serves as our guiding principle and encapsulates the core motivation for all we do.

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Tangible impact for a better world

By developing sustainable returnable and reusable packaging & storage solutions we: 

  • decrease space

  • lower the total cost

  • decrease our clients’ carbon footprint

  • decarbonize our products and processes

As a company we contribute to a better world for all.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Calculation

Next to a quote for your customized packaging we now offer you a Carbon Footprint Reduction Calculation. Our CSMs will analyse your packaging needs and determine the potential reduction in carbon footprint. This comprehensive analysis takes into account various factors including material sourcing, production processes, transportation, and end-of-life disposal.

  • Valuable information about the environmental impact of your packaging choices

  • Make more sustainable decisions

  • Communicate your efforts towards carbon reduction to your stakeholders and customers

Together, we can work towards a greener future while maintaining the quality and effectiveness of your reusable packaging solutions.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Calculation

Our CSMs will analyse your packaging needs and determine the potential reduction in carbon footprint.