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We are your preferred partner in custom made reusable packaging solutions for the protection of delicate components used in assembly line manufacturing. Our expert team offers innovative niche solutions around the globe, at the highest quality standards, the lowest environmental footprint and minimal Total Cost.

How it started

Global Presence

Vision & mission

Corporate social responsability

conTeyor Sustainable Message

Innovative entrepreneurship from the very beginning

The origins of conTeyor go back to 1995, when Jos van Bree, an enterpreneurial spirit having 20 years of automotive experience at Volvo, developed an innovative packaging alternative for delicate car parts, using textile pockets integrated in a hanging system.

It took a while to convince the market, but after the first Tier 1 embraced the product, conTeyor took a steep flight. We started in today’s headquarters in Merelbeke (Belgium), and gradually expanded our presence in Europa, Russia, the USA and Mexico, offering services around the globe. Founding father Jos van Bree is still part of conTeyor today, and remains an inspiration for continuous innovation. He values the conTeyor culture and is happy to see his own entrepreneurial spirit reflected in the intrapreneurial mindset of the conTeyor team.


A clear vision & mission supports the journey to Customer Delight

It is our vision to become the global TIER 1 solution provider in returnable packaging for the assembly industry. To realise this, we have adopted a clear mission and baseline, ‘Like no packaging’. It means our packaging is so efficient; it is almost invisible, thus taking up a minimum of transport volume and leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. On the other hand, this means the quality of our solution exceeds any other packaging solution available on the market.

Aiming for Customer Delight
At conTeyor, we don’t settle for anything less than Customer Delight. This because we don’t just want to satisfy our customers, we want to delight them. We cherish transparent relationships built on trust and confidence. Within the company we focus on developing talents and Making A Difference (MAD) in everything we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated in our way of working

We can only delight our customers if our employees and other relevant stakeholders are delighted. Therefore we have a sharp focus on corporate social responsibility. We voluntarily subject ourselves to an independent CSR assessment at regular intervals to help us improve in the fields of environment, fair business practices, sustainable procurement and good labour practice.
We welcome all advice to make us a better company and we are pleased to see the positive effects of implemented changes confirmed by the customer.


With our sustainable message we prioritizes sustainability in our purpose.

Sustainability is embedded within our DNA, it is our raison d'être and it guides us in everything we do and how we do it. In short, it sums up our why.

Our sustainable message is composed of many different aspects, of which our tagline ‘Like no packaging’ and our 5R’s Principle is the basis of our message.

conTeyor Sustainable Message