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Pioneering sustainable packaging and storage solutions

28+ years of experience developing and manufacturing patented, sustainable & returnable packaging and storage solutions.

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Like no space

Our packaging and storage solutions make an impact


Less space used


Decrease in transport cost


Less CO2 emissions


Decrease in total cost of ownership

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Impact on your bottom line

We have 28+ years of experience developing and manufacturing patented, sustainable & returnable packaging and storage systems. Our experience and know-how translates directly to a positive impact on your bottom line:

  • Saving up to 40% space

  • Sustainable packaging, providing ultimate protection

  • Maximizing outside storage

  • Decreasing transport cost up to 75%

  • Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership by minimum 50%

  • Reducing your CO2 up to 40%

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Working on a greener future

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness should not come at the expense of the environment.

We create packaging and storage solutions that not only save space but also contribute to a greener future. We adhere to the 5Rs principle and place great emphasis on sustainability throughout our company. Sustainability and innovation are part of our DNA.

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"Like no space"

We are driving customer centricity through a clear vision and mission

At conTeyor, our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading global solution provider in returnable packaging and storage solutions for the assembly industry. 

To achieve this, we have embraced a clear mission and guiding principle: "Like no space." This embodies our commitment to unmatched efficiency, resulting in space optimization. In other words: We save space. When developing packaging or storage solutions, we prioritize minimizing transport volume, warehouse space and reducing our environmental footprint. By doing so, we surpass the quality offered by any other packaging or storage solution in the market.