Smart returnable packaging
& storage solutions
for a sustainable future

Saving space, cutting transport costs & total cost of ownership, and reducing CO2 emissions

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Why choose conTeyor?

Returnable packaging and storage solutions with an impact

Through smarter returnable packaging & storage we are committed to efficiency, resulting in space optimization.


Less space used


Decrease in transport cost


Less CO2 emissions


Decrease in total cost of ownership

Saving space

Space savings directly reduce your carbon footprint

Optimization of transport and storage density

When developing - returnable - packaging or storage solutions, we prioritize optimization of transport and storage density.

Our goal is to save space through a better nesting of products. Less space means less transport and storage volume leading to a lower carbon footprint and improved total cost of ownership. Through our proprietary Nestimator software, we develop “smarter” - returnable - packaging by increased nesting and packaging density and enabling high return ratios for transportation.

This in turn, results in:

  • a up to 75% reduction in transport;

  • 40% reduction in emissions;

  • whilst saving 40% in total costs.

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Smart returnable packaging & storage solutions for a sustainable future


Here’s how we contribute to sustainability

Responsible packaging & storage with respect for the environment

Benefit from a more efficient returnable packaging & storage solution

Businesses of any type or size and from any industry can benefit from our sustainable packaging and storage solutions.


Keep your production line running as smoothly as an electric car engine

White goods

Safeguarding your products during transportation and storage.


Let your operational efficiency take flight.

Third-party logistics - 3PL

Strenghtening the crucial link in modern supply chains.

Spare parts

Averting downtime and sustaining productivity by keeping spare parts within reach.


A solution to fashion's storage and supply chain dilemma.


Helping you fulfill orders and deliver smiles.


Helping you do the heavy lifting and perform at peak level.

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conTeyor Group regularly exhibits at international fairs and trade shows with our returnable packaging and storage system. Discover where you could have met us in March 2024!

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conTeyor winning project during Emixa Hackathon!

conTeyor winning project during Emixa Hackathon!

During the Emixa Advanced Analytics Hackathon 2024, Emixa developers won a groundbreaking development for conTeyor’s IT design tool, Nestimator, by incorporating an AI-driven technical innovation.
Profile picture of Sonja van der Eijk
Sonja van der Eijk
Enhancing Space Optimization in cosmetics

Enhancing Space Optimization in cosmetics

ET Systems recently realized a Storeganizer project at Staci with the purpose of maximizing the use of available warehouse space.
Profile picture of Romy Van Acoleyen
Romy Van Acoleyen
conTeyor is TISAX® certified!

conTeyor is TISAX® certified!

We're pleased to share that conTeyor has achieved a successful completion of the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification.
Profile picture of Romy Van Acoleyen
Romy Van Acoleyen

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