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We can now store more than twice as much and at a lower price. An excellent ROI.

Alina Bunea
Innovation Project ManagerFM Logistics

The challenge

FM Logistic faced a significant challenge while striving to support a vital client, a prominent figure in the cosmetics industry. The client's products demanded a storage solution that ensured convenient accessibility while minimizing overhead movements. This necessitated a strategic approach to enhance storage capacity at the ground level within the warehouse.

The solution

Previously, FM Logistic grappled with solutions that could merely accommodate a modest hundred items per rack. However, a transformative shift occurred with the introduction of an innovative warehouse storage system. This advanced system empowered FM Logistic to not only double their storage capacity but also achieve this expansion at a considerably reduced cost. The investment yielded exceptional returns, validating its efficacy. One of its standout features is the straightforward installation process, user-friendly operation, and effortless mobility. A noteworthy advantage lies in the fact that the system demands zero maintenance.

The outcome

The implementation of this cutting-edge warehouse storage system led to a comprehensive optimization of space utilization and picking processes, resulting in substantial time savings. Moreover, the ergonomic work environment received a notable boost. By streamlining operations and maximizing floor-level storage, the company effectively tackled the initial challenge. FM Logistic's innovative approach not only resolved their storage dilemma but also catalyzed a positive transformation in their overall warehouse dynamics. This success story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of their chosen warehouse storage system, illustrating how a well-considered solution can lead to remarkable results.

Success story FM Logistics

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