Sequence rack door panels

Our ESD proof sequence rack sets the standard for the future charging our customer for a successful mass volume production

Jeroen Thoen
Customers Solutions Manager Benelux, Germany & ScandinaviaconTeyor

The challenge

Meeting the needs of our Tier One customer posed a significant challenge as they requested a universal rack for door panels. The design had to be generic enough to accommodate door panels from at least four different brands sharing the same platform. Additionally, the solution had to be conductive to safeguard electronic subassemblies against potential damage from electrostatic discharge, adding an extra layer of complexity to the task.

The solution

Addressing the challenge head-on, our solution prioritized the robust protection of door panels as its primary objective. Not only did the solution prove to be highly sustainable and durable, but its packaging also demonstrated ergonomic qualities, ensuring easy handling. The intricacies of the electrostatic discharge (ESD) design demanded considerable expertise to guarantee the proper dissipation of tension and ensure an unobstructed flow.

The result

Our packaging successfully passed the stringent ESD test procedures set by our customer. A key contributing factor to this success was the meticulous selection of the textile used—Tigercon. This material not only fulfilled all ESD requirements but also emerged as the most logical choice for this particular application.

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