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Do you want to Make A Difference?

Join us to see how to redefine your future If your passion is to give your best to our customers, look no further.

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Even if there is no specific job opening, reach out and let us know how you can make the difference. If you are a good fit and want to make an impact in the world, we can give you the golden opportunity you are seeking. Join our team and start Making a Difference!


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Make A Difference

Working at conTeyor is MAD - in a good way.

MAD stands for Making a Difference , and every conTeyor colleague shows up with this intention, every single day. Whether in sales, engineering, operations, finance or IT, or stationed in Europe, North America or Mexico, we are all about Making A Difference. For ourselves, our team, and foremost for our customer. If you are MAD about Making A Difference, conTeyor may be the perfect match for you.

A job with impact
Are you MAD about making an impact?

MAD people make an impact. It is what every conTeyor colleague has in common. We are each unique, and want to let it shine. It is not enough to work in an environment where ¬†ideas, initiatives and innovation are simply appreciated; they must be valued and celebrated. For more than 30 years we have attracted employees who play full out rather than stand by the sidelines. Born doers, our colleagues take on critical roles in developing our products and building this great company. In short, they don‚Äôt want a job, they want the chance to make a difference‚ÄĒin their work, and for the world.¬†

Autonomy & responsibility
Are you MAD about taking ownership?

conTeyor embraces an entrepreneurial culture built on trust and empowerment. Our people are responsible to perform tasks in the way they think best and organize work to suit them. Of course, we do our part in supporting their passion and drive by empowering them with the tools to succeed. Why? Because when they go the extra mile, so do we. And together, we go farther. 

Skills & Talent Development 
Are you MAD about growing professionally and personally? 

Recognizing and rewarding talent has gotten us to where we are today. Growing our people through trainings, intervision workshops, knowledge-sharing programs, coaching and mentorship is a win-win. We welcome those who take initiative, meaningfully contribute and have clear career aspirations. And we give every employee the opportunity to reach their full potential by upgrading skills and competences through individualized coaching and training. As a result, there are many examples within our company of people who transferred (internationally) or completed secondments. 

People-centric organization 
We are MAD about People

conTeyor cares about its People. In fact, they are our raison d'être. This is why we treat them well. When they talk, we listen and respect their professional and personal needs. From day one, we rapidly integrate new hires into teams via formal and informal events and team-building activities. Working hard and playing hard go hand in hand, and it is important to us that our colleagues experience meaning and fulfillment. We are convinced that this is the right way, and this is the conTeyor way.

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