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Two custom green sleeves with red and black accents

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Cable Harness Sleeves & bags: Efficient cable assembly protection

Our cable harness bags and sleeves offer tailored solutions as efficient cable assembly protection. The cable harness bags are designed to fit unique cable harness sets. They feature foldable designs with buckle or velcro closures, ensuring easy access and secure storage. The inner dividers within the bags effectively separate and protect different cables from each other, preventing tangling and damage during transportation.

The cable harness sleeves serve as installation aids, guiding cables through tunnels in the white body of the car. With various guiding elements like raindrop, curved PP plate, tie strap, and more, these sleeves simplify cable routing. They can be customized with or without reinforcement plates, offering added strength and stability where needed. Both non ESD and ESD textiles are available to meet electrostatic discharge requirements.

In addition, our cable harness bags and sleeves come in a wide range of colors and prints, allowing for easy differentiation and organization. This diverse selection enables efficient cable management in various contexts.

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