Mission & vision

A clear vision and mission driving customer centricity

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A clear vision

At conTeyor, our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading global solution provider in returnable packaging and storage solutions for the assembly industry.

To achieve this, we have embraced a clear mission and guiding principle: "Like no space."

This embodies our commitment to unmatched efficiency, resulting in space optimization. In other words: We save space. When developing packaging or storage solutions, we prioritize minimizing transport volume, warehouse space and reducing our environmental footprint.

By doing so, we surpass the quality offered by any other packaging or storage solution in the market.

A close-up of a blue modular rack with textile inserts

Exceeding our customers’ expectations

Our unwavering vision and mission drive us towards customer centricity, ensuring that we consistently deliver innovative, space-saving solutions.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and make the world a better place.