Our history

A rich history of innovation

conTeyor started out as a company with an innovative idea that has blossomed into one of the leading companies in tailored packaging solutions.

A man walking away from the camera in betwee two trucks
conTeyor's founder: Jos Van Bree

Humble beginnings: an innovative idea

In 1995, conTeyor's journey began with a visionary entrepreneur, Jos van Bree. He brought 20 years of automotive expertise from Volvo and pioneered an inventive packaging solution.

By using integrated textile pockets in a hanging system to protect delicate car parts, he was able to reuse the same packaging and contribute to a more sustainable world.

4 people measuring a piece of textile in a production center of conTeyor

The start of global impact

The product was initially met with scepticism, but after the endorsement of our first Tier 1 partner, conTeyor was propelled to new heights. 

Today, we proudly operate from our headquarters in Merelbeke, Belgium, expanding our presence across Europe, the USA, and Mexico.

We deliver tailored packaging solutions across the globe, paired with exceptional service. Jos van Bree, our founding father, remains an integral part of conTeyor, inspiring us to continuously innovate and maintain our enterprising spirit.

A person staring into the distance. In the back of the picture are two men talking to eachother and pointing to the distance.

Customer centricity and sustainability as our driving force

At conTeyor, our pursuit is not simply customer satisfaction but customer centricity. We foster transparent relationships based on trust and confidence. This commitment fuels our passion to go beyond expectations and create meaningful experiences for our valued customers, always with a sustainable mindset.

We are proud that our packaging and storage systems play a crucial part in encouraging our customers to contribute to a more sustainable world.