Steel racks

Transporting large & heavy goods with ease

The ideal solution for transporting large, sensitive, dangerous and heavy components such as body panels, engines, transmissions, and cockpit modules through steel racks.

Special steel racks

Meet our Steel racks

conTeyor’s steel racks are the ideal solution for transporting various components, such as:

·        Body panels
·        Door panels
·        Plastic trim parts
·        Engines
·        Transmissions
·        cockpit modules
·        Glass roofs
·        Seats
·        Rocker mouldings
·        … 

Our steel racks, also known as steel containers, metal racks or handling units, provide a robust and secure solution for the transportation of your valuable components. With their sturdy construction and reliable performance, our steel racks ensure the safe delivery of your items, protecting them from damage during transit.

Airbag Packaging

One of the most innovative and versatile packaging solutions. Features of conTeyor’s Airbag Packaging are:

  • Reinforced steel container, for example 1.5mm covering sheets

  • Covering completely welded, no rivets used

  • Steel locks

  • Gas springs suitable for Bonfire Test

  • Open bottom structure and holes in front for escape of smoke and gas in case of fire

  • Inside thermoformed / EPP tray or foam 

conTeyor presents Airbag Packaging, featuring a UN Class 9 certified steel container for Dangerous Goods. This ensures top-tier safety and compliance in transporting risky materials. Our design incorporates ESD properties and thermoformed trays, safeguarding sensitive electronic components from static discharge. We've engineered a specialized steel container for UN 3268 Airbags, meeting stringent safety standards. Classified in Class 9, our packaging accommodates a wide range of dangerous materials. A bonfire test was performed which guarantees integrity in every condition, prioritizing safety for products and handlers. ConTeyor's dedication to innovation and safety is evident in this packaging solution, setting new industry benchmarks.

Battery Packaging

conTeyor leads the way in Battery Packaging development, prioritizing precision with minimum tolerances and robot handling. Our steel rack solutions meet UN3480 Certification requirements, and we offer certification services in CZ/PL for added convenience.

conTeyor’s Battery Packaging: Leading the way

In addition, we provide optional bonfire testing, available in Poland. Our containers are fully sealed to prevent any leakage of fluids. Recognizing the critical importance of cleanliness, we mitigate risks of electric short circuits and fire by maintaining strict particle control. Furthermore, our designs adhere to ESD requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection for battery transportation and storage.

Transport regulations

Transporting lithium batteries demands strict adherence to safety regulations. Classified as Dangerous Goods, these batteries are subject to stringent international guidelines. These include recommendations set forth by the United Nations (UN), specific regulations for air freight outlined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), maritime guidelines stipulated by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code for sea transport, and European road and rail regulations governed by ADR and RID. These comprehensive standards ensure the secure handling and transportation of lithium batteries across various modes of international logistics.

Steel racks

A detailed shot of the tower rack's front loader

Customizable to your needs

No situation is the same.

That's why our steel racks offer the flexibility to be customized with various types of dunnage inserts, including all kinds of plastic, textile, foam, or PP Dividers and supports, providing a tailored solution for your specific needs.

A steel rack with fittings


The fittings on our steel rack system are designed to provide optimal functionality and convenience for your packaging needs. These carefully crafted fittings ensure secure and stable placement of your components on the metal rack, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage during transit.

Our steel rack fittings are built to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments, ensuring the safety and integrity of your cargo throughout the material handling flow. With their robust construction and precision engineering, these fittings offer reliable support and stability, giving you peace of mind that your items are well-protected.

Whether you need to transport automotive parts, industrial equipment, or any other valuable items, our steel rack fittings provide the necessary support and security. They are designed to integrate smoothly with our handling units, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Steel racks

conTeyor’s most sustainable & cost-effective packaging solutions

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