Spare parts

Averting downtime and sustaining productivity by keeping spare parts within reach

Optime storage capacity and keep even the slowest-moving spare parts readily accessible.

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The hero of maintenance

The spare part industry is the hero of maintenance, ensuring the continuous operation of machinery and vehicles across various sectors. These components, ranging from nuts and bolts to intricate electronic modules, play a pivotal role in averting downtime and sustaining productivity. As a sector, you're faced with a bunch of challenges:

  • Slow-moving components can accumulate, occupying valuable storage space

  • Striking a balance between availability and efficient storage becomes paramount

conTeyor can help you address these challenges by optimizing storage capacity and make sure that even the slowest-moving spare parts remain readily accessible when needed.

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Less space used


Decrease in transport cost


Less CO2 emissions


Decrease in total cost of ownership

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