Fitbox different components

This fitbox offers a lot of solutions with the different sizes in pockets. It’s developed to fit different components in a compact and practical way.

Tomas Cerny
Sales Manager East & South EuropeconTeyor

The challenge

The customer faced the task of creating a robust and space-efficient solution for a collection of components, encompassing three distinct sizes. Additionally, the packaging needed to be resilient, given that it would be used more than 25 times daily.

The solution

We designed a Fitbox series featuring a variety of pockets in different shapes, incorporating PVC textile dunnage. The textile is securely attached to the boxes using plastic rivets, enhancing protection and minimizing the risk of component damage. This solution is exceptionally durable and well-suited for frequent, high-intensity usage.

The result

We created packaging that is sturdy and robust, providing a single-handling solution that ultimately proves to be effortlessly manageable, ergonomically user-friendly, and exceptionally protective.

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