Returnable packaging solutions

Protective packaging for sensitive parts

Increased density through optimal nesting while ensuring the protection of your valuable goods    

Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile


Why choose our returnable packaging solutions?


We increase your supply chain efficiency, decrease your costs, and reduce waste and greenhouse gases thanks to a closed loop system of returnable packaging.

Optimal protection

We design and manufacture our solutions to offer the maximum degree of protection for all your components.


We drive a responsible and proactive approach to environmental responsibility with the purpose to re-turn, re-use, re-cycle, re-duce and re-pair. All of our solutions are manufactured with durable materials (steel, textile, plastics).

Returnable packaging solutions

Discover our range of returnable packaging solutions

Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile

Plastic containers

Durable and sustainable custom-made plastic containers built to your specifications.
A blue steel rack with custom dunnage inserts and a front-loader

Steel racks

The ideal solution for transporting large, sensitive, dangerous and heavy components.
A collage of four types of custom dunnage inserts

Custom dunnage inserts

Optimal nesting and protection of your items. Custom-made dunnage for every packaging need.
Two custom green sleeves with red and black accents

Cable Harness Protection

Installation aids to help guide cables to the right position through the body of a car.

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“conTeyor is a strategical supplier due to their professionality, know-how and expertise on returnable packaging. They made Antolin more competitive thanks to their packaging optimization.”

Grupo Antolin

“conTeyor played an important role in the development of our packaging, ensuring seamless collaboration and providing transparent lead times. We embrace our close collaboration."

Antonio A., CNH

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