Suspended bag with ecoboxes

We combined our in depth understanding of the customer’s logistic flows, its hardwares and the specific challenges of the business, to come to a smooth and excellent solution.

Théophile Nény
Customer Solutions Manager FranceconTeyor

The challenge

A prominent Tier 1 supplier of interior trim for the automotive industry employs an in-house automated roof conveyor system utilizing suspended bags. conTeyor faced a dual challenge. Firstly, the customer sought a resilient bag that would offer maximum protection and flexibility to support an efficient production flow. Secondly, there was a need for utmost flexibility to ensure the seamless supply of multiple part variants in sequence to the assembly line.

The solution

We engineered bags featuring pockets of varying sizes in a plastic box (Ecobox), facilitating maximum compatibility for all components during the kitting process while occupying minimal space. In terms of textile composition, we developed a blend of different materials to achieve optimal protection, complete resistance, exceptional durability, and user-friendly handling.

The result

As the preferred supplier for suspended bags, we successfully designed and manufactured the perfect fit for ideal flow management, streamlining internal processes. We achieved maximum density in our small plastic container (Ecobox), resulting in an optimal layout. The customer expressed satisfaction with our ability to meet all requirements, and the outcome was met with extreme delight.

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