5Rs principle

Increasing sustainability while protecting your bottom line

Increase the sustainability in your supply chain by reducing waste, lowering your carbon footprint and contributing to environmental protection. All at no extra cost.

conTeyor's 5Rs principle against a green wall

Our innovative 5Rs approach

Sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of competitiveness. Our innovative 5Rs approach allows you to remain competitive while improving sustainability in your supply chain. Reducing waste, lowering carbon footprint and contributing to environmental protection at no extra cost.


Our solutions work in a closed loop

We design and manufacture all of our packaging solutions with returnability in mind. We have developed a 'closed loop' packaging system as part of an integrated process. The life of the packaging will last as long as the production of the part.

The result of our closed loop system?

  • Increase in supply chain efficiency

  • Decrease in costs

  • Reduced waste and greenhouse gasses

Simply put: a strong return on investment over the lifetime of our products.

Here’s how we contribute to sustainability