Transport rack center consoles

The tailor made transport rack our team designed proves we can develop a comprehensive customized packaging which ticks all the required boxes.

Johann Schlämmer
Customer Solutions Manager GermanyconTeyor

The challenge

One of our OEM automotive customers was looking for a high-end reusable packaging solution for transporting central consoles with an optimal protection. The challenge was the requirement of (1) the lifetime of the rack - the rack should be used for 4 to 5 different car modules (appr. 6 – 8 years) and (2) the fact that the center consoles all have different sizes so the rack should be fully custom-made designed.  

The solution

Combining our experience in automotive packaging challenges with our expertise in different packaging materials and volumes, we came up with a unique solution combining steel, textile and vacuum forming techniques. The inside dimension of each pocket is the same and had been completely designed to the size of all central consoles for the different car models.  The rack is designed in a way that it can be easily loaded & unloaded with free access to all components. A big ergonomic plus also for the operator.

The result

We were able to provide the highest possible pack density and a generic design to fit multiple part variants resulting in the best possible protection. Because of the fact that the same rack could be used for 4 to 5 different car modules there was a significant cost gain.

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