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Before, we had three full-time pickers in that area. Storeganizer helped to bring this down to one full-time equivalent, while the mispick rate dropped by 50%.

Kelvin Plain
Warehouse ManagerEverten Group Services

Transforming from skeptic to Storeganizer advocate

The challenge

For Everten Supplies, operating as an online retailer specializing in kitchen supplies, a substantial portion of their inventory comprised smaller items. Traditional shelving solutions proved highly inconvenient for these items, resulting in a cascade of picking and packing challenges. Delays in storage, item displacement, intermingling, and misplacements became commonplace, leading to labor-intensive stock discrepancies and picking errors. Moreover, the warehouse storage capacity was becoming increasingly strained.

The solution

To address these issues, a total of 18 bays were meticulously implemented. The integration of individualized pockets within the Storeganizer warehouse storage system effectively eliminated the issue of items being inadvertently pushed to incorrect locations. Consequently, the incidence of picking errors witnessed a remarkable decline. Rapid enhancement in storage density was readily apparent. Everten intelligently combined pockets of varying sizes, accommodating small, medium, and large items, thereby generating a total of 2,759 strategically optimized storage locations.

The outcome

The impact of the Storeganizer solution was transformative. A mere 50 square meters of floor space, now housing the Storeganizer solution, previously held only 10% of the overall stock. Remarkably, this compact footprint presently accommodates 25% of the stock lines. The Storeganizer system played an unequivocal role in the company's recent successes, enabling a refined warehousing platform that obviated the need for immediate relocation while seamlessly accommodating business growth. The tangible results are evident: a notable reduction in picking errors, enhanced scalability, and a substantial increase in storage density.

From a state of initial skepticism, Everten has evolved into a fervent advocate of the Storeganizer warehouse storage system. The system's implementation catalyzed a revolution in their warehousing practices, yielding tangible benefits that fostered efficiency and facilitated the company's expansion.

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