EFB Elektronik

We were able to reduce space, in contrast to pure pallet storage, by 70-80%.

Stefanie Bühner
Head of OperationsEFB Elektronik

The challenge

EFB-Elektronik, a leading provider of comprehensive network technology and industrial system solutions, faced the task of optimizing their warehouse storage system for small parts after transitioning to a larger facility. Their primary objective was to find a solution that seamlessly integrated with manual pallet racks while enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The solution

In the initial phase of the project, EFB-Elektronik incorporated 23 shelf panels into their warehouse setup. As the project progressed, an additional ten sections were introduced to accommodate an expanding inventory of small parts. The chosen solution revolved around the implementation of the Storeganizer system.

The outcome

The adoption of the Storeganizer system yielded remarkable results. Notably, there was a substantial reduction of approximately 80% in the required storage space. This optimization was particularly significant given the expansive warehouse area of over 6,000 square meters. Moreover, the efficiency of order picking for small parts experienced a noteworthy improvement, with an increase of at least 30%.

An additional benefit was the elimination of lengthy commutes for warehouse personnel. By strategically placing small parts in proximity through the Storeganizer system, unnecessary travel distances were minimized. This smart arrangement not only saved time but also contributed to a streamlined workflow within the warehouse.

EFB-Elektronik successfully addressed their challenge by adopting the Storeganizer warehouse storage system. The integration of this system led to a substantial reduction in storage space, a notable increase in order picking efficiency, and an overall optimization of their warehouse operations.

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