conTeyor Group was present at MODEX 2024!

MODEX 2024

After a successful ProMat show in 2023, we were thrilled to participate at MODEX 2024. At this premier trade show we eagerly anticipated the opportunity to present our

innovative packaging & storage solutions that emphasize sustainability and reusability. We proudly unveiled our industry-leading offerings that redefine the standards in packaging and storage.


March 11 - 14, 2024

This was the team present!

Brian Chan

Indirect Sales Manager

Stan Chrisman

Customer Solutions Manager North America
conTeyor Packaging

Michael Hyjek

VP Sales North America
conTeyor Group

Xavier Ovize

CEO North America
conTeyor Group

Our packaging & storage solutions at MODEX!

A Storeganizer rack with orange and blue beam and gray pockets


Storeganizer is ahigh-density warehouse storage system which converts poorly utilized space into a clever, slim-footprint storage solution which enables you to better utilize warehouse space, cut down on travel time when retrieving inventory and be more efficient. This innovative system provides an incomparably high storage density which offer significant practical, organizational, and economic advantages.

Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile

Plastic containers

Our range of large (Ecopack) and small (Ecobox) customizable plastic containers - potentially recycled and recyclable - are built to your specifications. They can be conveniently folded for return transport, and contribute to minimizing your carbon footprint and lowering transportation costs.

Features of our Storeganizer

Easy to deploy, use and expand

Thanks to its universal (suspension) system, the Storeganizer pockets are easily installed in any type of pallet rack around the world, independently of manufacturer and/or beam type.


Storeganizer supports your growth and expansion rapidly, easily and efficiently, with short ROI.

Low cost of ownership

Storeganizer is a lean and 100% maintenance free solution without annual service contracts or long and complicated  integration.

High density

Storeganizer ingeniously optimizes storage costs per square foot (meter) through  suspended and easy-to reach columns divided into multiple compartments/pockets.

Durable & strong

Storeganizer is made of lightweight industrial fabric yet can hold 220 pounds (100 kg) per column and is guaranteed for up to 10 years.


An impartial study showed 40% savings in usable storage space after introducing  Storeganizer, allowing order pickers to travel 42% less distance when retrieving product versus conventional rack-and-shelf systems.

Storeganizer Storage Builder

Visitors could build their bay at our booth

At our booth visitors had the possibility to real life fill in the Storeganizer Storage Builder. Within a few minutes they received an offer in their mailbox, a 3D design of their configurated Storeganizer setup and a calculation of the impact on the environment.

Features of our plastic containers

An Ecopack KIT completely folded

Optimized space

Our containers can be folded to save space when they’re not in use. While transporting we optimize space and increase efficiency.

Ecopack KIT with an open load door on the front


Their limited weight makes them easier and more ergonomic to handle. As a result it reduces your carbon footprint and lowers transportation costs.

A close-up of the lid of a black Ecopack Classic


Built from sustainable materials, they’re a perfect alternative to traditional storage solutions.

A black Ecopack Classic folded halfway

Range of dimensions

Available in a wide range of dimensions, including both US and EU standard sizes.

A close-up of handles on a black Ecopack Classic


Our plastic container are custom made and different accessories can be added. Such as for example textile belt handles, slides locks or customer print.

Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile


Customize your plastic container with custom dunnage inserts to fit your needs


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