More than 4,400 SKUs in just 16 bays

Frank Schoene
Head of Operational Services ALMEXALMEX

The challenge

Almex faced the challenging task of accommodating 6,000 products within a crowded warehouse space, with no foreseeable option to relocate. Initially, the plan for the Almex warehouse involved a multi-tiered mezzanine structure for storing small items, envisioning two floors connected by a staircase. However, exploring a Vertical Lift Module (VLM) concept proved unfeasible due to its high cost, prompting the company to rule it out quickly.

The solution

Upon discovering Storeganizer, Almex realized they could effectively optimize their existing space by consolidating the high density of storage bins for their smaller items. Consequently, the need for stairs or a second floor was eliminated. An additional benefit was the tailored fit of Storeganizer columns and pockets to the dimensions of the storage bins, facilitating seamless integration with the existing pallet racks.

Each bay accommodates a specific type of storage bin for small items, maximizing efficiency for Almex, with bays designed to be up to four rows deep.

Installation of the Storeganizer bays proved relatively straightforward, and Almex envisions future opportunities to expand their picking area with minimal disruption by utilizing their own employees. Moreover, the flexibility of the system allows for the interchangeability of pallet bays and Storeganizer bays as needed.

The outcome

The outcomes following the installation of Storeganizer have been truly impressive. By strategically positioning Storeganizer bays in close proximity to the picking workstations, order picking routes have been significantly optimized. Additionally, leveraging the pallet spaces above the Storeganizer has enabled Almex to reduce their storage space from 1,200 square meters to just 600 square meters.

Success story ALMEX

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