Customizable Ecopack

Large plastic containers - Ecopacks - built to your specifications

A lightweight, yet durable alternative for steel racks or single use cardboard boxes.

A gray Ecopack Classic with a black lid that is standing next to it

Ecopack Classic (large)

The first generation Ecopacks.

  • Lightweight & easy to handle

  • Durable construction & design

  • Available in rental & lease

  • 100% recyclable HDPE pallet, lid and PP sleeve

  • Custom loading options (top, front, side)

  • Optional runners/skids available

The first generation Ecopack we developed was the Ecopack Classic. This product has now been developed further into the Ecopack KIT.

Apart from the improved water resistance, dust production and rounded sleeve edge, the Ecopack KIT also comes with a bigger inner usable space compared to the classic, whilst achieving the same density of containers per truck. 

Ecopack KIT (large)

Larger but light weight all-in-one waterproof storage.

  • Improved inner dimensions

  • Optimized for single unit return

  • Full water and dust protection

  • Rounded sleeve edge as standard

  • Clamping for lid, slide locks in pallet

A new generation of returnable modular storage

The Ecopack KIT is the new revolutionary “Foldable Large Container” optimized for single unit return. Advantages are unique safety, versatility, ergonomics and ease of use combined with the quality and durability of the Ecopack Classic. The Ecopack KIT inner height is adjustable, allowing for optimized space efficiency on returns.

More information

Download our Ecopack KIT product information sheet

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Top view of an Ecopack KIT with custom dunnage inserts in textile

Lightweight & easy to handle

Durable construction & design

100% recyclable HDPE pallet, lid and PP sleeve

Custom loading options (top, front, side)


Customize your Ecopack to fit your needs

Customize your Ecopack with our custom dunnage inserts to create the perfect solution for your needs.

A collage of four types of custom dunnage inserts

Custom dunnage inserts

Optimal nesting and protection of your items. Custom-made dunnage for every packaging need.

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