Almex's Inventory Transformation with Storeganizer

2 min.
Romy Van Acoleyen

In the first half of this year, we conducted an in-depth case study featuring Almex GmbH, a Hanover-based manufacturer of ticket vending machines. Almex integrated Storeganizer into their inventory management system, resulting in substantial efficiency gains and a notable reduction in both storage space and carbon footprint.

The challenge

Almex needed to optimize their storage space without relocating. Their initial plan for a multi-tiered mezzanine structure proved impractical due to high costs associated with a Vertical Lift Module (VLM). Discovering Storeganizer provided a cost-effective solution to consolidate storage bins and eliminate the need for additional floors.

Implementation and Results

Storeganizer's tailored fit for Almex's storage bins allowed seamless integration with existing pallet racks. Installation was straightforward, and Almex can now easily interchange pallet and Storeganizer bays as needed.

The results have been impressive:

  • 50% Reduction in Storage Space: Almex reduced their storage space from 1,200 square meters to 600 square meters.
  • Optimized Order Picking: Strategic placement of Storeganizer bays near picking workstations streamlined order picking routes.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The efficient use of space also led to a 50% reduction in Almex's carbon footprint.


Almex's successful implementation of Storeganizer showcases the potential for innovative storage solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Storeganizer is proud to support Almex in their journey towards greater operational efficiency and environmental consciousness.

About Almex

Almex GmbH is a leading solution and service partner for systems for the collection, validation and processing of data. The technology company automates processes in Retail & Logistics, Railway & Cargo and Public Transport sectors, thereby increasing efficiency in the transport of passengers, goods and services. The head office is in Hanover, Germany.