New Storeganizer installation in Italy

2 min.
Romy Van Acoleyen

Through our partner Emaf Padova, Storeganizer completed a successful installation for Gruber Logistics. The client was dealing with limited storage capacity and the need for efficient picking of numerous articles.

Seamless integration by Storeganizer

The Storeganizer installation seamlessly integrated 1,112 locations into a compact space of 12.96 square meters. The configuration featured four racks strategically combining rows of small and extra-small pockets, providing a versatile storage solution. The installation emphasized the space-saving advantages of Storeganizer, with an impressive 85.8 pockets per square meter, showcasing its ability to maximize storage density effectively. This was particularly crucial for Gruber Logistics, where spatial optimization is a key consideration.

With 60 branches worldwide, Gruber Logistics emphasizes proximity to customers as a core part of their company philosophy. The family-owned business, founded in the heart of the Alps more than 80 years ago, has established a global network with offices in 11 different countries.

The results for Gruber Logistics were significant, as the enhanced storage capacity led to improved organization and accessibility. These improvements streamlined workflows, ultimately boosting overall productivity for this major player in the Italian logistics market.

About Emaf Padova

Emaf Padova is a leading expert in storage solutions. Renowned for their innovative and efficient designs, Emaf Padova specializes in tailoring storage systems to meet unique client needs. With a rich legacy, they bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring meticulous planning and execution.