Storeganizer in the Heart of a LUSH Warehouse

2 min.
Romy Van Acoleyen

Recently, our Storeganizer storage solution found a new home in the heart of a LUSH warehouse. This installation, done through our business partner Pickfaces, took place at the international cosmetics retailer's headquarters in Poole, UK, and has already proven to be a game-changer in optimizing space and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Efficiency over the Holidays

Despite the festive season, Storeganizer's installation at LUSH's International HQ was completed in under one hour, ensuring a seamless transition and minimal disruption to operations.

We were delighted to hear that what previously occupied 60 pallet positions was condensed into just 3 rack bays, saving space, time, resources - and offering the flexibility for even greater efficiency in the future!
Luke Simons, Pickfaces

LUSH's Storeganizer features three pocket sizes - small, medium, and extra small with dividers. This tailored approach accommodates diverse products while maintaining impeccable organization.

LUSH has experienced immediate benefits in space utilization, organizational efficiency, and tidiness. The success has prompted plans to expand the Storeganizer solution to other Distribution Centers globally.

About Pickfaces

Pickfaces is an innovation-led, warehouse and industrial solutions partner, working together with warehouses and project teams to deliver products and efficient technical solutions that deliver returns for businesses striving for excellence and efficiency. Pickfaces was launched in 2020 by the same team who in 2011 began successfully launching innovative new warehouse and supply chain concepts, into the global industrial and logistics industries.