Storeganizer’s Warehouse Transformation in Belgium

1 min.
Sonja van der Eijk

Storeganizer partnered with a renowned 3PL company to improve warehouse storage in the logistics operations of an international expedition company based in Belgium. We installed a total of 84 of our ‘Large’ size bays, complete with dividers designed to maximize space and efficiency. 

Why did they choose Storeganizer?

The decision to collaborate with Storeganizer was motivated by the need for:

  • smarter space utilization
  • faster order picking
  • and an overall streamlined warehouse.

Our innovative design, combining compactness with high storage capacity, was precisely what the expedition company required.

Storeganizer's impact

Now, with Storeganizer’s bays in place, the international expedition company experiences a remarkable transformation in warehouse efficiency. Locating and accessing spare parts has become a breeze. The dividers inside the bays further enhance organization, reducing search times and boosting overall productivity.

Our customer is delighted with the outcome of their Storeganizer warehouse solution. Their logistics team now benefits from an organized, space-efficient, and easily navigable storage system. This translates not only to improved daily operations but also substantial cost savings through efficient space use and reduced labor hours.

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