Warehouse Optimization in Germany

2 min.
Romy Van Acoleyen

We are delighted to share the successful integration of Storeganizer at  F.W. Neukirch's warehouse in Germany, made possible through our valued Business Partner, GLN LagerTec Nord. This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in optimizing Neukirch's warehouse operations, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored storage solutions.

A tailored storage solution

Neukirch sought an efficient solution for their diverse clothing items. Each Storeganizer bay, designed specifically for Neukirch, features 11 columns with 5 spacious pockets in each, totaling 55 pockets per bay. The bespoke dimensions (450x450x600 mm) ensure flexibility to store various clothing items seamlessly.

We prioritized functionality and safety by incorporating the Frontstop feature in each pocket. This innovative addition prevents items from protruding or falling out, ensuring a secure and organized storage solution for Neukirch's diverse clothing SKUs. Neukirch's warehouse now boasts 660 pockets, each dedicated to a unique SKU, showcasing our commitment to meticulous organization. Covering a footprint of 35.64 square meters, our solution optimizes space, streamlining storage processes and enhancing accessibility.

Maximizing storage efficiency

Our bespoke-sized pockets play a vital role in maximizing storage efficiency, allowing Neukirch to store clothing items with ease and accessibility. In warehouse environments where space is precious, Storeganizer's solution demonstrates how businesses can make the most of available storage areas. For those seeking to optimize warehouse storage, connect with Storeganizer. Let us tailor a solution to your specific needs, unlocking the potential for efficient, organized, and future-ready warehousing.

About GLN lagerTec Nord

GLN LagerTec Nord, based in Germany, specializes in providing customized shelving systems for warehouse logistics. They offer end-to-end solutions, including assembly services, and boast a strategic partnership with Storeganizer, emphasizing their dedication to comprehensive warehouse solutions. GLN LagerTec Nord stands as a reliable choice for businesses seeking efficient and tailored storage solutions in the dynamic realm of warehouse logistics.

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