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Sebastian Janosz - Project Engineer Poland

Sebastiean moved from Poland to Czech Republic to work in the conTeyor Czech Republic plant in Kurim for one year.

1. Could you tell us about your international move?

At the beginning of 2021 I spent one week at conTeyor Kurim in Czech Republic to help our engineering colleagues with their start of working in SAP. After that week, my manager asked me if I would like to spend some more time there, like… one year, to get a better knowledge of our “plastic” products and to be able to align our way of engineering between conTeyor Poland and Czech Republic. First of all, I was surprised about the time period, so I asked for a couple of days to think about it. But already the next day I was sure I wanted to accept this proposition.

2. What do you like most in this career opportunity?

I started my career with conTeyor in the production area and I went through a lot of different positions. Therefore I see this opportunity as another step to better understand all the products we are making with conTeyor. At the same time I’m helping our colleagues in Czech Republic to get a better understanding of our textile production - which is done in Poland – and in general the way of working in our Polish plant.

3.How did conTeyor listen to your career expectations?

From the very beginning I was supported by our HR department, starting from choosing a rental apartment, through all the restrictions connected to the Covid pandemic, ending with my well-being in the Kurim plant. I met new people, what helped me to improve my English skills. Not only at work, but also in my private life. The biggest challenge for me was to decide, together with other people, how some new procedures would look like. Before the assignment, my work was to manage projects, and now I needed to be someone who would have a big impact on the daily work of people. It was a very responsible duty, but at the same time it makes me very happy when I hear from someone, that what I did is working and that it makes their job easier. I’m sure this experience has been very valuable for my future career.

“ I needed to be someone who would have a big impact on the daily work of people.”

Lukas Zvarik

Operations Manager - Czech Republic

Davide Camillo

Customer Solutions Manager - Italy

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Customer Service & Supply Chain Manager