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We considered solutions such as vertical carousels or paternosters, but the benefits they offered were far less than those of a Storeganizer solution

David Cuddeford
Principal EngineerIngram Micro Northampton

A flexible solution to rigid racking

The challenge

The fundamental aim of Storeganizer was to optimize the picking face, liberating space for high-velocity items and enabling the allocation of more substantial locations.

The solution

With the implementation of Storeganizer 91 m² has been adroitly optimized, yielding an impressive 80% reduction in space requirements while simultaneously freeing up double the area compared to the preceding solution. The ingenious configuration comprises 5,109 Storeganizer pockets accommodating a diverse range of 3,667 SKUs, constituting a quarter of the active picking inventory. Ingram Micro envisions an additional 250 m² of liberated space as subsequent phases of the optimization endeavor unfold. The pivotal gain here is space, with time efficiency standing as a secondary benefit.

The outcome

The implementation of Storeganizer yields tangible results that underscore its efficacy:

  • A notable 40% surge in the quantity of SKUs that can be accessed with every meter traveled, eclipsing traditional longspan shelving standards.
  • The reclaimed space is strategically channeled into larger picking faces, resulting in time savings during replenishment processes and bolstering stock management efficiency to address shop floor stock-outs and similar scenarios.
  • Ingram Micro foresees the return on investment (ROI) materializing within a two-year timeframe. The projected impact is substantial – the potential elimination of 90% of replenishment tasks, translating to significant labor savings equivalent to 14 hours' worth of resources on a daily basis.

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