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Vers une révolution dans les hôpitaux ?

Ils ont créé un masque chirurgical lavable

From: La Capitale / La Meuse / La Nouvelle Gazette / La Province / Nord Éclair 13/11/2020 (article in French)

Lors de la première vague, de nombreux hôpitaux ont dû faire face à des pénuries de masques. Face à ce constat, une société belge, conTeyor, située à Merelbeke (Flandre-Orientale) et spécialisée dans le développement d’emballages réutilisables, s’est mise à travailler sur des masques. 

Et après avoir produit un masque « communautaire » pour le grand public, lavable 50 fois en machine, elle développe désormais un masque chirurgical de type I pour nos hôpitaux qui, lui aussi, sera réutilisable. La firme vient de déposer un brevet à cet effet et le masque est conforme à la norme européenne EN14683. 

« Je suis très fier de pouvoir dire qu’après de longs mois de recherches intensives, nous avons atteint ce résultat », a expliqué Orm Verberne, le CEO de conTeyor.....


conTeyor develops the first reusable surgical type I face mask

An eco-technological breakthrough in the fight against Covid-19

Press release 12/11/2020 (Nederlandse versie - Version française)

The Belgian company conTeyor is the first Belgian company to develop a reusable surgical type I face mask. This mask complies with European standards (EN 14683) and conTeyor has now applied for a patent. Also conTeyor's new reusable community mask has been successfully tested for the Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) in view of the Coronavirus. This mask meets the standard set by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

First reusable surgical type I mask

To achieve the current desired result, conTeyor has developed more than 40 variants of the existing reusable conTeyor community mask*. They performed more than 150 different tests at certified labs of Centexbel, Eurofins and Nelson (USA). As a result, the company can today offer reusable masks that meet the applicable standards in Europe for both community masks and surgical masks (EN 14683). This is an important development since the launch of the current reusable conTeyor face mask and with it the "sustainable protection" business line in April 2020. The European standard states that 95% of particles that are the size of a bacterium must be stopped. The resistance experienced by the user must be less than 40 Pascals per square centimeter. The conTeyor reusable and washable ** surgical T1 mask meets both of these criteria and is therefore unique in its kind. (see attachment)

Within hospitals there is a great deal of interest in the reusable surgical mask type I. In addition to the sustainable aspect that the sector pays a lot of attention to, in this way people are less sensitive to possible shortages and the risk is spread.

VFE tested

The new reusable conTeyor community mask has also been tested for viral filtration (VFE - Viral Filtration Efficiency) with regard to the effectiveness of viruses such as Covid-19. This is in contrast to other masks that meet the EN 14683 standard on the market that are mainly tested for their ability to hold back bacterial particles (BFE - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). conTeyor also tests and proves its effectiveness with regard to viruses. With this conTeyor is developing a unique mask today.

CEO Orm Verberne: “I am very proud to be able to say that after long months of intensive research, we have achieved this remarkable result. It is revolutionary for the medical sector and a huge step forward in the fight against Covid-19. By using our mask, the wearer is optimally protected; and because our mask is reusable, we help to improve the quality of protection, but also to reduce the ecological impact. Sustainability is in the DNA of conTeyor, and by being able to offer this sustainable product we hope to be able to bring real change to the market. In addition, it gives our range of personal and medical protective equipment a good outlook for the future."

* 50x washable guaranteed according to standard EN14683
** 10x washable guaranteed - tests in progress for additional washes

About conTeyor

conTeyor is a Belgian company, based in Merelbeke, and specializes in the development of reusable packaging. Since the Covid-19 epidemic in Belgium, the organization has expanded its activities by creating a range of “sustainable protection” products, including face masks and face shields. The face masks are produced in Europe and North America and sold directly from the respective stocks of these continents, in order to reduce the ecological footprint and be able to serve customers quickly.


Sonja van der Eijk, Communicatie Manager
T. +32 (0)470 210617


Oost-Vlaams verpakkingsbedrijf pioniert met herbruikbare chirurgische mondmaskers

From: Trends 12/11/2020 - Article in Dutch


Het verpakkingsbedrijf conTeyor heeft een herbruikbaar chirurgisch mondmasker ontwikkeld. Het is daarmee, naar eigen zeggen, het eerste Belgische bedrijf met een duurzaam alternatief voor het wegwerpmasker dat aan de Europese normen voldoet.

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Our CEO was interviewed about Corona and our growing plans

From: Trends 3/9/2020 - Article in Dutch

Het Oost-Vlaamse verpakkingsbedrijf conTeyor haalt ongeveer 90 procent van zijn omzet uit de automobielindustrie. Om de coronacrisis door te komen, startte het in volle lockdown met de productie van stoffen mondmaskers. "We verkochten al meer dan 2 miljoen stuks."

Mondmaskers zijn niet meer weg te denken uit het straatbeeld, het openbaar vervoer, de kantoren, de scholen, enzovoort. Zolang er geen vaccin is voor de brede bevolking, zullen ze niet verdwijnen, luidt de analyse van Orm Verberne, de CEO van het verpakkingsbedrijf conTeyor. De ingenieur werkt sinds maart 2019 voor conTeyor.

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conTeyor and Carel Lurvink announce their partnership

conTeyor and Carel Lurvink announce their partnership

conTeyor is proud to announce that she has entered into an immediate partnership with Carel Lurvink. The reusable and effective conTeyor masks are now for sale in the webshop of Carel Lurvink as the only reusable community mask (washable up to 50x).

Carel Lurvink is one of the largest service-oriented wholesalers in the Netherlands with the mission to make working environments cleaner and safer with a wide and varied range, Carel Lurvink is a true one-stop shop. With a perfect balance between price and quality. They import many A-brands, often with preferred supplier status. In addition, they develop and produce their own products.

The philosophy of both companies fits very well together. conTeyor is a company with sustainability in its DNA and always focused on the development of sustainable products with an eye for innovation. Carel Lurvink is focused on a safe and clean working environment and a human approach towards the customer. With this cooperation, both sides build a great bridge between sustainability, security and economic progress.

The masks of conTeyor have been tested by Centexbel and may be used by authorities to further prevent the spread of COVID19. In addition, the mouthcaps are hypoallergenic and suitable for wearers of glasses.

The reusable conTeyor mouth masks are now for sale on carel Lurvink's webshop. For questions about the product or cooperation, you can always contact us via

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