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Face Mask Performance

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE %)

Not all face masks have the same performance level. They do not all provide the same level of protection and safety. Protection provided by Face Masks is most of the time expressed in bacterial filtration efficiency. There are international and European norms on the desired bacterial filtration efficiency for disposable surgical masks. This norm is called the EN 14683. For reusable surgical masks a norm does not yet exist. At conTeyor we control the performance and safety of every mask as if it was a disposable surgical mask.

Comfort and user experience

The second important thing to face masks is the comfort and the user experience of the one wearing the mask. It should be easy for the user to breath when wearing a protective mask. Again, European norms are in place to determine how comfortable it is to breath when wearing a mask. The conTeyor masks for community perform highly on both protection levels as well as easiness to breath and comfort. However, we go beyond the desired norms and measure the user experience by mapping the day to day experience from our users.

Complementary protection

Face masks do not prevent droplets (for instance from coughing or sneezing) to hit other parts of the face that may cause contamination. To prevent droplets from hitting for instance the eyes or to reduce infection risk through the mucosa of the nose, additional protection is required. Our visor has been tested on its performance.


Smooth fitting to the face is essential for both adults and children to ensure maximal protection from viral or bacterial infection. The conTeyor face masks for children have been developed to match the bone and face structure of our most precious relatives: our children. Our face masks for children have been designed in such way that they ensure the same performance for the most little ones amongst us. The conTeyor face mask is developed and suitable for children between 5 and 12 year old. 

High risk environments

There are occasions during which immunosuppressed patients or medical professionals require maximum protection. In the portfolio of conTeyor face masks we have developed masks that have bacterial filtration efficiency above 99%.

Face Mask Quality Assurance And Compliance

All of our masks have been tested as if they were disposable surgical face masks, though they are not. Our masks have been crafted to be suited for reuse without giving up on performance. Look at our face mask product sheets for more detail and request for more information through the contact form below. 

Product sheets:

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  3. Factsheet, conTeyor Community Protection Mask


Face Mask Certainty

We want to make sure that you can experience maximum peace of mind when using our face masks hence we provide full transparency on the test results of our masks. Although we developed reusable community masks we meet criteria of the surgical face mask.

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