Success stories

Tangible impact on our customers' bottom line

28+ years of experience in returnable packaging and storage solutions has resulted in real, meaningful impact on our customers' bottom line.

A close-up of custom dunnage inserts



I would definitely recommend Storeganizer, especially for flexibility, in all warehouse functions.
George Gailey, Site Manager
DP World Bicester, UKDP World
More than 4,400 SKUs in just 16 bays
Frank Schoene
Head of Operational Services ALMEXALMEX
With this project we were able to reduce the total cost of ownership. We not only found the best protection for the component but we also reduced the transport cost and our sustainable footprint. This makes me very happy for the customer and very proud.
Przemysław Bortlik
Customer Solutions Manager PolandconTeyor
We can now store more than twice as much and at a lower price. An excellent ROI.
Alina Bunea
Innovation Project ManagerFM Logistics
This project is an example of another typical conTeyor project which is an innovative solution that was designed completely further to the customer’s needs. This is our strength, what we are good at and known for. It makes me proud to have been a part of this development!
Erik Kunze
Customer Solutions Manager GermanyconTeyor
We considered solutions such as vertical carousels or paternosters, but the benefits they offered were far less than those of a Storeganizer solution
David Cuddeford
Principal EngineerIngram Micro Northampton
This fitbox offers a lot of solutions with the different sizes in pockets. It’s developed to fit different components in a compact and practical way.
Tomas Cerny
Sales Manager East & South EuropeconTeyor
Based on the results and synthesis of this warehouse design, quite a few other CEVA sites and customers have already expressed an interest to add a Storeganizer solution to their warehouse configuration
Joy Cottrell
Contract ManagerCEVA Logistics Daventry
Our ESD proof sequence rack sets the standard for the future charging our customer for a successful mass volume production
Jeroen Thoen
Customers Solutions Manager Benelux, Germany & ScandinaviaconTeyor
Storeganizer allowed us to realize a space saving of 50%. In addition, we have already observed a 30% increase in picking efficiency in the first few weeks.
Felix Thijssen
Logistics EngineerDSV Solutions Nederland B.V.
This is a perfect example of another sustainable solution for a relatively new sector for conTeyor. It’s clear from this project that many different sectors benefit from our solutions
Bertrand Ooms
Business Development ManagerconTeyor
Our house of competences and strong team work makes us really unique. The output is functional solution in very short time and I’m proud to be part of it!
Tomas Cerny
Sales Manager Eastern EuropeconTeyor
This project is unique in its kind since we designed it in the way that all 3 components could be transported in 1 box, plus it’s a textile and foam solution which makes sure it’s extra secured and no risk of damages
Erik Kunze
Customer Solutions Manager GermanyconTeyor
By developing this solution (for Atlas Copco) we increased ergonomics, safety and handling efficiency, eliminating any risk of damaged parts.
Atlas Copco
The tailor made transport rack our team designed proves we can develop a comprehensive customized packaging which ticks all the required boxes.
Johann Schlämmer
Customer Solutions Manager GermanyconTeyor
a solid closing system, dustproof, which gains time to install and which is easy to handle with only one person. It’s a professional, efficient solution resulting in no waste to keep a clean site
Thomas Boulet
Customer Solutions ManagerconTeyor
This project required an intense effort from the whole conTeyor team, but we were happy to contribute to our customer’s success!
Jeroen Thoen
Customer Solutions Manager Benelux, Germany & ScandinaviaconTeyor
Before, we had three full-time pickers in that area. Storeganizer helped to bring this down to one full-time equivalent, while the mispick rate dropped by 50%.
Kelvin Plain
Warehouse ManagerEverten Group Services
A nice example of giving the customer what he needs, and not what he thinks he needs, an appreciated approach resulting in the best possible solution.
Przemyslaw Bortlik
Customer Solutions Manager PolandconTeyor
We were able to reduce space, in contrast to pure pallet storage, by 70-80%.
Stefanie Bühner
Head of OperationsEFB Elektronik
Being familiar with our reliable and high quality prototyping service, we got the opportunity to support the customer in solving this challenge. This resulted in a strong solution, fit for purpose.
Erik Kunze
Customer Solutions Manager Germany
I had no clue that such an efficient system to create supplementary stock room existed, offering a fitting degree of flexibility as well.
H. Essers
We combined our in depth understanding of the customer’s logistic flows, its hardwares and the specific challenges of the business, to come to a smooth and excellent solution.
Théophile Nény
Customer Solutions Manager FranceconTeyor
This is a special project since it’s a hybrid model: lower area is fixed and upper one is mobile. Full inner volume of box is used and offers the best density to customer keeping his parts protected
Thomas Boulet
Customer Solutions Manager FranceconTeyor